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My name is Catherine Reichert. I have a disease called Cerebral Palsy. This disease causes my brain to tell my foot to turn on its side, so that I walk on the outside of my foot – there is no cure for this.

I had a foot doctor who recommended amputation which I didn’t want to to do except as a last resort. I had visits with neurologists to see if something could be done for me – there wasn’t anything anyone could do.

We moved to a different part of Hawaii and Dr. McLeod was recommended as a person to see by my former foot doctor. She was the first doctor to suggest something other than amputation She suggested a surgery that would fuse the ankle and reattach the muscles that were pulling my foot the wrong way.

She did the surgery which involved use of an external fixator and the surgery took 5 hours.

She did this and now I can walk without the aid of crutches or cane. I found her dot be a very competent doctor with extraordinary skills and intelligence. She did an excellent job on my foot and I highly recommend her to anyone!

I have recommended her to at least 2 people. One of them went to her and she did surgery on her and did a great job.

If you are having trouble with your feet or lower leg, please do yourself a favor and your feet a favor, go see her and see what a great doctor she is. I have known her for almost 4 years and I truly like her a lot.

Catherine Reichert

Before and After Photos – CR  


“I was introduced to Dr. McLeod due to an accident that smashed and crushed my ankle. Dr. McLeod is a saint. She reconstructed my ankle so I was able to walk again.  She is genuinely concerned about the patient’s needs during the healing process. The doctor’s ability to communicate with the patient is just as important for their mental health as well as their physical health.  I can only say that Dr. McLeod is an extraordinary surgeon. The prime concern is the interest of her patients: she explains procedures, takes time during office visits, and never, ever leaves the patient until there is a complete understanding of their condition. I am walking due to her expertise in her field of medicine. I recommend her highly. Thanks so much! There is no better than Dr. McLeod. Again, I cannot give enough accolades to this extraordinary surgeon. She is the only doctor I would trust in the field of of ankle reconstruction and foot surgery.”

Jeffrey P. 


“I fell and broke my ankle in December and went to Dr. McLeod. The care I got could not be better. She fixed my ankle and its just like new. A better and more caring doctor could not be found. I have been recommending her to my friends. They are also pleased with her care.” 

Evelyn  P. 


“Dear Dr. McLeod, 

Just a note to let you know how grateful I am for your part in my recovery. I had been told there was a good chance that I could lose my leg due to a series of staph infections which kept me in a wheelchair for two years. 

I believe your decision to use skin grafts to help my healing saved my leg. After only a few months, that gaping hole in my leg gave way to new flesh and I was able to start walking again and get back on my feet.” 

Thank you,

Jerry H.


I am a 60 year old man with diabetes and I had 2 real ugly ulcers on my heels when I met Dr. McLeod. I was being treated by others for my heel ulcers. I was referred to Dr. McLeod by my primary care doctor for a torn toenail. Dr. McLeod also looked at my heel wounds. I had just finished up treatment with antibiotics for a bone infection. 

She was very professional and explain what was happening. She recommended a more aggressive approach to the healing process than what I was getting. She took the time to explain step-by-step, the plan of treatment she would like to implement to speed up healing. You could see and feel the caring and concern. We decided to go with her plan. As time went by, we found she is a true advocate for her patients. My wounds are now healed and we are very happy for her care. I have referred her services to others. She is one of the few that actually take time to inform her patients and makes them feel hope and secure in their treatment. 

Stanley B. 


I am convinced that Dr. McLeod is so caring and genuinely concerned about my needs, not just having the “bedside manner” that doctors are supposed to exhibit, but she genuinely for real cares about her patients. I felt I had a real friend in Dr. McLeod. 

But if anything can compare to Dr. McLeod’s genuine concern for her patients’s emotional needs, it would have to be her excellent work!

Really, I had heard horror stories about amputation and complications. With Dr. McLeod, I had nothing to fear. From her gentle caring touch, to the final result, everything turned out wonderfully with no complications whatsoever. Everything healed so well that my foot looked as though it was born that way.

Really, believe it or not, I am still actually excited about the way my foot turned out. 

Thank you Dr. McLeod! 

James Emmett Mays


Thank you Dr. McLeod for saving my left lower leg and making me a patient forever.

I was referred to Dr. McLeod by my Home Health Care Nurse.. my left leg and ankle was completely ulcerated and discolored due to poor circulation. My ankle had opened and the soft-tissue was eaten away to create a serious wound.

Additionally, the sore became infected with the possibility that the bone was infected and could spread. I needed immediate help and Dr. McLeod made certain I was treated with antibiotics and sent to the hospital for surgery and continuous care. 

Dr. McLeod personally operated as needed and followed up with my 24 hour care. I was released from the hospital and treated with weekly appointments through Desert Springs Wound Care Center by Dr. McLeod personally and my leg has healed back to normal.

Thank you Dr. McLeod again.

W.R. Cox 


“I have been a patient of Dr. McLeod’s for several years. Dr. McLeod is a skilled surgeon and very capable foot and ankle specialist. She is very conscientious in her care and follow-up treatment. She is aided by a superior staff of nurses and assistants. Over the long haul, she is there to help and that’s important. Plus, she is pretty.”

Jerry Barlow


I have been coming into Dr Mcleod’s office for about 6 months now.She takes the time to answer her patients questions, and she does every thing she can to ease the patients pain and move towards healing the patients feet and ankles.  I know for a fact that Dr Mcleod has my best interest in mind in all aspects of my feet and ankle health.

Kevin Smith

Dr. McLeod is one of the finest doctors I’ve ever had.She is completely compassionate and goes beyond  in care. I recommend her highly—Mike P

I truly thank Dr. McLeod. She is a angel.  Very patient, Kind, and caring and very knowledgable. She found what was wrong with my foot that no one else had found. I thank her everyday. We are friends for life.  —Victoria R

Dr McLeod is heaven sent. I follow her form her old office because she’s my ‘doc’. Dr. McLeod truly show she cares about me as a patient. I have given out lots of her business cards because she’s good.  —Dale P 

Dr. McLeod’s wonderful, caring, and very concerned about her patients. Plus, I love her very much. The lord sent me to her, and her to me. God Bless her.Gladys 

Excellent, caring, knowledgable, professionalJack 

She is caring and thorough. I appreciate her being upfront and preventative.-Carolyn S

Doctor McLeod is an excellent physician. My family is grateful to her for our mother’s care.Lorenzo L

Friendly, tells you in terms you understand. Very pleased. —O. Shelby 

Doctor is outstanding. Calm, collected. professional. Does well in care and diagnosis.Anonymous

We feel very fortunate to have Dr. McLeod as our doctor and would recommend her to anyone. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, takes time to listen to her patients and give the best care possible. She is kind, compassionate and caring, a doctor who goes above and beyond as a human being as well as physician. We will always be grateful for the care she has given. —AL.

Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience with Dr. Misako McLeod that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.

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"Dr. Mcleod has been so helpful to me and my family during this difficult time. She is highly skilled and experienced! Iwill personally like to recommend her as a top surgeon in our area."
- Sarah H.
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