Russia Ilizarov Scientific Centre for Restorative Orthopaedics and Traumatology





In 2011, Dr. McLeod was awarded an invitation to fellowship at the Russian Ilizarov Centre for Restorative Orthopaedics and Traumatology, an international center for the teaching, advancement, and utilization of Ilizarov technique and external fixation in Kurgan, Russia.

Patients from all over the world travel to this famous medical center – in the middle of Siberia – to be treated for severe deformities and orthopedics problems that were once considered uncorrectable.

The centre is based upon surgical techniques that were developed by pioneer Russian surgeon, Dr. Gavril Ilizarov, for the treatment of open fractures, complex limb deformities, and congenital deformities.

Dr. Ilizarov was a pioneeer in the development of the use of external fixation for treatment of complex limb deformities and trauma,



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"Dr. Mcleod has been so helpful to me and my family during this difficult time. She is highly skilled and experienced! Iwill personally like to recommend her as a top surgeon in our area."
- Sarah H.
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