Metadductus (C-shaped foot)



Article by Dr. Misako McLeod, DPM 

Metadductus, otherwise known as “C-shaped foot” is a common condition where a child is born with the front of the foot, the forefoot, curved inward.



If one were to place the child’s foot in between your 2 fingers, you would notice that the contour of the foot is curved.

X-rays will also demonstrate curving inward (abduction) of the forefoot compared to the heel.


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Metadductus can range from mild to severe and it’s commonly missed by pediatricians. Parents are often told that the child will “grow out of it,” and of course this never happens. Treatment for metadductus depends upon the age at which it is diagnosed, the severity of the deformity, as well as other variables. Treatment includes casting, serial x-rays for monitoring, bracing, and modified shoe gear.

Children whose metadductus is undiagnosed and untreated often experience tripping, difficulty fitting shoe gear, and are generally less active.

As adults, patients with metadductus may start to experience pain in the mid foot area due to the development of arthritis. At this point, treatment consists of physical therapy, steroid injections, and joint fusion procedures.

If you notice your child’s feet have an abnormal contour, have your child evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial.



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