Knee Alignment Problems




Article by Dr. Misako McLeod, DPM

Believe it or not, knee problems contribute to foot pain  – and foot problems can cause to knee pain.

There are several knee alignment issues, however the main 3 are:

The malignment of the knee can cause pain in the knee joint and can exacerbate foot pain symptoms. For example, genu valgum (knock kneed) can exacerbate arch and heel pain.


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In certain cases, orthotic therapy can be used to improve foot to leg and knee alignment and may subsequently improve knee pain symptoms assuming there are no structural issues such as a torn meniscus or other issues.

When assessing foot problems and pain, Dr. McLeod will evaluate the knee alignment to relation to your ankle, heel, and foot alignment as well as perform a detailed gait examination.  It’s all part of a comprehensive biomechanical examination to better assess how orthotic therapy may benefit you and correct your foot problems.


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