Internal Fixation – Bones screws and plates



Article by Dr. Misako McLeod, DPM 

Patients are amazed that screws and plates are used for fracture repair, but internal fixation – the use of bone screws and plates – has been around for decades. The technology consistently gets better with improved engineering, biocompatibility and anatomic contour.

Internal fixation helps the bone heal itself by providing a stable construct around which the fracture or osteotomy (bone cut) can heal. Fracture reduction and maintenance of the blood supply to the bone is very important.




Of course, it’s not the screw or the plate itself that heals the fracture, its the combination of a variety of factors such as:


Woman surgeon working with team in a surgical room at hospital


The post-operative course is just as important as the surgery and patient’s must follow their surgeon’s direction in order to assist their body in healing the bone.

It is imperative that patient do the following to optimize their healing:

Dr. McLeod completed  an AO International Fellowship in trauma and reconstruction under Dr. Klaus Klaue in Lugano Switzerland. AO Trauma is an international organization dedicated to the teaching, research, and development of surgical principles and fracture management.  Watch more about AO Trauma Foundation


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