Home Health Care After Foot and Ankle Surgery


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Article by Dr. Misako McLeod, DPM 

Some types of foot and ankle surgery require being non-weightbearing for several months after surgery, and this can significantly impede one’s daily life and activities. Often times, Dr. McLeod will order Home Health care services for her patients after surgery.

Home Health Care services help to ease the burden after surgery and ensure you are being monitored by trained medical professionals.

Home Health Care can provide the following:

The patients that benefit are those that require prolonged non-weighbearing, wound care, or who live alone and require additional assistance.

Patient’s may choose any home health care agency they are most confortable with.

Dr. McLeod’s home health care agency of choice is Encompass Home Health Care. Dr. McLeod has developed specific Foot and Ankle Surgery Protocols specifically for her patients. Staff communicates directly with Dr. McLeod about your progress at all times.

Dr. McLeod is a physician consultant for Encompass Home Health. She attends their quarterly meeting, provides medical consulting to improve protocols, and works with them closely. She fully supports their organization and they know to take care of her patients!


Patient Reviews
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"Dr. Mcleod has been so helpful to me and my family during this difficult time. She is highly skilled and experienced! Iwill personally like to recommend her as a top surgeon in our area."
- Sarah H.
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