Exogen Bone Stimulation for Bone Healing


Slide of bone cells


Bone Stimulators are machines that send either electric or ultrasound pulse thorough the tissues to the bone. These pulses stimulate the bone to heal faster. Bone stimulation is used in patients that have slow healing or non-healing fractures or bone surgery.





Dr. McLeod uses the Exogen Bone stimulator. The unit is authorized with your insurance prior to placement. The patient places the bone stimulator through a cut out in the cast. The unit is used for 20 minutes per day to encourage bone healing.




Certain patients are at higher risk for slow healing and non-healing fractures. The following may cause delayed or non-healing bone:






Patient Reviews
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"Dr. Mcleod has been so helpful to me and my family during this difficult time. She is highly skilled and experienced! Iwill personally like to recommend her as a top surgeon in our area."
- Sarah H.
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