Children’s Foot and Ankle Injuries


Human healthcare and medicine concept - little child boy with plaster bandage on leg heel fracture or broken foot bone


The foot and ankle are complex structures, so children’s foot and ankle injuries should be managed by a specialist.  Children can suffer from injuries or fractures that can cross the growth plates (epiphysis) and cause permanent damage if not treated correctly. Also, children may also not complain of pain which may indicate the severity of the injury.  It’s important to have a foot and ankle specialist with knowledge in pediatric injuries evaluate your child.


Young brown haired hispanic boy in blue shirt lying down on grass with soccer ball in hands


Dr. Misako McLeod specializes in pediatric foot and ankle care of injuries and fractures. Her office has a specialized pediatric treatment room with children sized crutches, casts, and boots and – of course – candy, video games, and toys.  Don’t risk chance, bring your child to a foot and ankle specialist for evaluation.

Patient Reviews
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"Dr. Mcleod has been so helpful to me and my family during this difficult time. She is highly skilled and experienced! Iwill personally like to recommend her as a top surgeon in our area."
- Sarah H.
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