Anesthesia and Foot and Ankle Surgery

Article by Dr. Misako McLeod 

Most patient are understandably concerned about pain after surgery. This is a very understandable concern and one that we try to address prior to surgery.

Many of my patients have told me that their friends have told them that foot surgery is “extremely painful.”  I often wonder who did their friend’s surgery and why was it so painful? Whreas, most of my patients are amazed at how littl pain they have after surgery.

In my 10 years of practice, I have observed that there are significant differences in a patient’s pain perception and I have wondered why. I have note significant difference in patients that take chronic narcotics over the years, marijuana use, etc.

My goal after surgery is to control your pain. It islieyl you will have some mild pain; however, I administer a local anesthetic block consisting of a mediation such as lidocaine or Marcaine to numb the area. You will be placed on narcotic additionally to reduce the pain. All my anesthesiologist administer what called a “popliteal block.” it is the with local nerve medication that helps to reduce pain in the foot and ankle. They are trained to give popliteal block under ultrasound guidance or nrve block

I use Zem Anesthsia in Hawaii, Nevada.

The Chief Medical Office, Dr. Alice Fang, MD





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